Our overland bonded carriage gives us an edge over our competitors as we ensure transportation from port their final destination in the fastest, safest, and most economical way possible.

Due to our bonded carriage facility, we offer a smooth interchange through EIRs and ensure that all logistic requirement of our customer’s are met with as a one-stop- shop solution.

Trucking services from Routes transport available nationwide. With our ground logistics management our hauling services will get your truck load to its destination on-time and safely intact.

Featured Services
On – time delivery and pick – up of cargo Delivery, handling, and monitoring of Special Cargo Real time monitoring of shipment

Working with your logistics providers shouldn’t be a logistical nightmare in itself

Escort service for valuable cargo
We are equipped with Tractor Heads, Wing Vans, Cargo Containers, Trailers and Rescue units

We provides all the services for every aspect of your transportation and logistics needs, offered individually or on an integrated basis.

Working with your logistics providers shouldn’t be a logistical nightmare in itself. That’s why we developed the Transportation Management Center. Its a single resource that you can depend on for all of your shipping needs. And its staffed with experienced logistics professionals who know what options are available and how to make them work best for you.

Our features:
• One source for all of your worldwide transportation needs
• Offering individual or integrated services
• Shipment visibility and materials tracking capability
• The flexibility of a neutral supplier