As rice is one of the most important staple of the world it is necessary and treated as one of the most important value added product. 


Pakistan is the 15th largest producer of sugar in the world, 5th largest in term of area under sugar cultivation and 60th in yield. 

Freight Farwarding

PWJ provides a flexible and professional one-stop-shop solution for customers for continues supply or product and services according to comfort zone of customer.

PWJ Groups of Companies

We have our own land of 15 thousand acre of rice
grain and related 75 acre lands are of Pwj Group of Companies members.

Our Skills

PWJ Group of Companies  understands that excellence in customer service and unwavering quality standards ensure growth and success. The key to these goals is working with our clients and suppliers by delivering the right products at the right time, which explains our products being displayed at stores across three continents.

RATE 50%

Why Choose Us?

PWJ Group of Companies is a standard exporter and Importer.It has specailized in premium quality Rice, Sugar, Automobile – Tractor, Custom Clearance & Shipping Forwarding, General Trading for local and overseas client since.

Our focus is on providing solutions to customers needs both current and latent. With a view to improving customer satisfaction, we have always placed high importance on product knowledge. We also believe that providing excellent customer service ensures that customers feel valued and know that we stand behind our products.

Our Services

  • Collecting Consignments

  • Timely, Accurate Customs Declarations

  • Gateway Clearance

  • Fully Tracked Automatic Payment System

  • Return Shipment Handling – Enhance Customer’ Satisfaction

  • Competitive Pakistan Distribution Rates

  • Independent Consultation


PWJ is distributor of IMT Bull power tractor. PWJ can provide all types of tractor in Pakistan and all over the world. We have KPK and chagharzai automobile ealership. We import reconditioned vehicle from Japan and all over the world. We are engage in marketing and sales of different tractor with technical specification. As Pakistan is the agro based countries and to exploit new opportunities and to consolidate with existing ones PWJ play his role by providing tractors according to the demand of the client with corporate values.